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WetaInfoTech Ltd has a range of services that we provide to our clients to enhance their business, increase their revenues and enable them to develop new services to their customers. Our range of services for MNOs and Tech Companies include:

Our Success Story

WetaInfoTech’s success story spans over more than 10 years around the telecom services and tech services solutions. During our long story, we have decided to keep innovative approaches in order to expect the unseen and exceed expectations. WetaInfoTech is set to elevate and empower projects to expand their business reach by providing reliable, scalable platforms. WetaInfoTech stands firm to its vision and mission serving the big telecom operators and commercial businesses in Yemen, and willing to widen its business activities and spaces accordingly.

WetaInfoTech, The Ultimate Partner In Yemen

Local MNOs, Tech Companies, Fintech Services Providers, and international service providers always agree that WetaInfoTech is the Ultimate Partner in Yemen for a variety of reasons such as:

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Thank you for your interest in our services, you can always contact us via the details below:

Company office address: 160 Robinson Road, #14-04 Singapore Business Federation Centre, Singapore (068914)
Registration No.: 202129466R