Telecom fraud is skyrocketing globally and one of the biggest sources of ghost revenues, costing operators and digital players millions of dollars each year.

Across voice, SMS, IPX, and signaling, telecom fraud continues to increase in volume and complexity, especially as the growth of emerging industries like IoT place even more devices at the risk. With fraud prevention a high priority, operators and service providers are also seeking visibility, security, and enhanced monetization.

S7 Firewall for SMS

Our telco-grade SMS firewall platform serves network operators to safeguard customers from unwanted spam and malicious messages. With security being the core driver, WETA’s Enhanced Shield is a value added service enabler that aces at providing innovative and cost effective solutions to mobile operators in the SMS domain. WETA’s Enhanced Shield commits to deliver revenues to the Mobile Network Operator in the shortest possible time warranting the elimination of spam and fraudulent traffic. Unify the mobile operator’s existing filtering platform with our revenue assurance solution.

S7 Firewall for voice

Our hosted, fully managed, and automated solution that uses real-time call data for faster detection and implementation of corrective actions. The solution sets thresholds and decide what actions to take, all supported by reporting. With 24×7 monitoring, automated, real-time detection and blocking, combined with detection of fraudulent numbers, our self-learning algorithm can be configured to protect your customers and your business.