clearinghouse Solutions for Telecommunication Industry

WETA InfoTech offers Telecom operators a flexible solution to exchange billing data for voice & SMS traffic with their local partners and international roaming partners. Operators are able to track and analyze their financial position via a web-based interface with near real-time reporting capabilities, enabling carriers to make timely decisions. The clearinghouse removes the hazards posed by the peer to peer system; in other words, all the calls pass through a central exchange for interconnection which ultimately results in the accuracy and advancement in the telecommunications industry.

Our clearing solutions ensure efficient and accurate processing of GSM “Transferred Account Procedure” (TAP) and “Returned Account Procedure” (RAP) files. This solution which utilizes a secure, high-performance Data clearinghouse (DCH) platform supporting current international standards and capable of rapid customization to meet customer specific needs and future industry requirements. Our comprehensive web-based reporting delivers an unmatched level of detail and flexibility to help you manage your roaming business. The unique drill-down capability allows you to review bottom-line financial information or activity for a designated date, roaming partner, or market.

Advantage to clients:
Ensure that all traffic inwards/ outwards are accounted for and calculated professionally. Results in faster call connection, accurate billing, reconciliation and better service provision for end users.